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Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso reveals that he is "really excited" to see former club Liverpool on top of the table. Xabi Alonso admits he is really excited to see Liverpool on top of the Premier League table. The Real Madrid midfielder was part...
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Stick with the ECHO for the latest news, views rumours and more about Liverpool FC - produced by us and gathered from around the worldJoe Rimmer and the team will be with you each day from 7am to ensure constant
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After racking up their eleventh win on the trot last weekend against Norwich City, it's safe to say that Liverpool are moving in the right direction - especially if you take the word of Reds boss Brendan Rodgers. Primary Liverpool owner John W....
Liverpool are on the verge of their first ever Premier League title and first league championship in 24 years. The buzz around the city is understandably at its peak, with fans looking forward to finally seeing their beloved reds lift a trophy that...
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Liverpool can eliminate one of their two rivals from the Premier League title race by beating Chelsea on Sunday.
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